Smoking out the Bandits: Rodent Control Methods

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Rodent infestation in a home can prove destructive. Various rodent species are known for different feeding and nesting behaviours. These pests can cause damage to yards, gardens, and the wood supporting your home. Mice and rats can transfer diseases, cause structural damage, and contaminate food. Besides, they are accomplished chewers that gnaw their way through various barriers using their teeth. Here are the most effective rodent control methods.

Promote natural predators

Use of natural predators is one of the cost-effective ways of pest control in Phoenix. Natural predators such as owls, snakes, and hawks can control rodent population by killing and feeding on them. For instance, barn owls are hunters and a family if these owls can eliminate approximately 3000 annually.

To attract barn owls to nest and stay near your home, install nesting boxes. Combining the use of these natural predators and other rodent control methods such as traps will go a long way in controlling the rodent infestation. You can also make your home inhabitable to rodents by removing all the food they can eat, water, and shelter they need.

Rodent traps

These are a non-chemical solution for rodent infestation. Using traps makes it easier for you to find the carcass of the exterminated rodent and dispose of it. The method works well if you have a good food bait to lure the rodent into the trap. Whoever is laying the traps should carefully think about the right bait for rodents because pets and other animals shouldn’t be attracted to the trap. Otherwise, the traps may lead to other problems.

Remember, rodents such as mice and rats may become suspicious about anything new in their environment and traps are likely to make them less comfortable. That means the traps may not work instantly, but as the rodents continue to chop tiny bits off the bait, they will get snapped inside the trap.

Once you trap a few rodents, change the location of the traps and change the bait too. This will increase the effectiveness of the extermination methods.

Glue and sticky boards

These are considered an inhumane method of rodent control. That means in some countries, these products are regulated, and pest control companies aren’t allowed to use them for rodent control. However, if the method is allowed in your country, you can consider using it as it is effective.

Sticky boards consist of a piece of a hard surface covered in a sticky substance such as glue on top where the bait is placed. The glue is always super sticky and has an immediate effect. As soon a rodent gets into this sticky substance, it starts dissolving on top of it. One downside of using the sticky board is that it can trap your pets. That means you should choose a bait that won’t attract your pets.

Seal your home

For effective rodent control, it’s advisable to ensure that mice and rats have no way of accessing your home. Get your home inspected for crevices, cracks, and other openings by your local pest control company. Consider sealing all openings using exterior-grade sealant.